Artist biography

Susan Luker studied ceramics at Plymouth College of Art, where she fell in love with the pyrotechnics of Raku. There, she developed her own unique style: handbuilt sculptural ceramics, burnished, incorporation a river of copper and using resist slips and glazes.

Her newest work, displayed at the Tidal Gallery, departs from her original style. Still handbuilding her pots using slabs of white stoneware clay, this time she is pushing the boundaries of the material. Sue challenges the glazing and painting process firing several times and applying multiple layers and techniques. Her work responds more to her emotional feelings. Moreover, it accentuates her technical abilities to interpret the environment she lives in.

Sue spends a lot of time sketching and painting ideas for her new pieces. This approach helps her to develop beautifully considered objects of Art. The flat forms act like a canvas to paint on. The vitreous and clay slips perform like paints on clay. This allows her to combine her technical abilities with her artistic expression for a freer creative process.

The artist has been exhibiting her work since 1999 and has been an elected member of the Devon Guild of Craftmenship and the Craft Potters Association since 200. She has also had extensive experience teaching her craft.