Richard Thorn, the painter of the Devon Landscape

Richard Thorn has become the artist of choice when it comes to depicting the Devon Landscape. His paintings in watercolours have become largely collected not just in Britain, but also internationally, with his furthest exhibition taking place in China next month.¬†Closer to home he has also exhibited in prestigious spaces that naturally have endorsed his already successful career; he is … Read More

7 REASONS TO BUY LOCAL ART (and other local products)

There is a big trend gaining ground across the country: Going back to small and independent retailing. We don’t have to look too far back to remember when small businesses were closing down due to having to compete with big chain companies as well as dealing with ever raising property prices. Back then we valued the commodity and prices these … Read More

Grand Opening Invite

Launch of the Tidal Gallery in their newly opened premises, with an introduction to the current collection of works and artists, as well as the official website and printed catalogue launch. Refreshments will be served. All welcome.