Artist biography

Steve Robinson has an eye for the distinctive beauty of fused glass. His talent for creating art which draws the outside in, conveying light and vivid colour, places him at the forefront of architectural glasswork.  He graduated in Glass from the University of Wolverhampton in 1998.

From his studio in Totnes, Devon, Steve Robinson designs and produces glasswork for homes, hotels, hospitals and commercial spaces. He has for many years been supplying glass splashbacks to John Lewis, with an exclusive collection of designs.

Unmistakable is Steve Robinson’s use of slumping to achieve sculptural forms such as his shell-form bowls. This technique can be incorporated into splashback designs, resulting in his characteristic three-dimensional relief within the pattern, which is achieved by slumping the panel over hand-formed moulds.

The techniques in Steve Robinson’s work are not widely used. He is one of only a small number of glass artists in the UK to apply enamel powder to glass, rather than working with pre-coloured glass. The use of the very fine powders enables him to create unique shading and rich textures and patterns, which cannot be achieved by any other method, making his work instantly recognisable.