Artist biography

Sarah Peart is a contemporary seascape painter working mainly in acrylics. She developed her practise while studying Fine Art in Plymouth and Cardiff. There, she explored her creativity through new media. After graduation, Sarah returned home to the South Hams where she works and lives. Here she continued her practised and has exhibited in galleries across the region.

With a semi-abstract expressionist style, Sarah aims to capture and convey a sense of energy, power and movement in her work. In particular this is achieved through the precision of the brushwork and bold graphic approach, coupled with strong use of bright colour. Whilst Fine details, strong lines and contrasting colours work together to create a bold aesthetic with a powerful visual impact.

Coastal inspiration

Growing up on the coast, Sarah has always been drawn to the beauty and changeable energy of the sea. This has been an endless source of inspiration and self-expression for her. Sarah continues to exhibit, take on commissions and sell both in the UK and internationally. She looks forward to exploring new waves, beaches, and ways to express her obsession with the sea.