Artist biography

About Rowan Day artist & painter

Rowan Day is a contemporary landscape artist working in oils and 24ct gold leaf. She lives and works in Devon, where finding inspiration comes naturally. As reflected in her work, she is most inspired by the changing beauty of sky and landscape.

About Rowan's work

Primarily, Rowan creates dynamic movement in her work by opposing soft blended edges with bold strokes and textures. Specifically, she uses the rich glow of gold leaf to create shimmering effects. As it shifts and changes with the light, creates a connection to the evolving nature of light and sky. Moreover, surrendering to this changing quality, she aims to communicate her inner experience and personal journey. All while capturing the compelling play between light and dark, beauty and chaos.

Ultimately, Rowan's work speaks of hope, of light in the darkness and the dynamic motion of life and nature. As the artist herself explains “It is never my intention to copy what I see. Instead I hope to express the movement of weather, the atmosphere, and the feelings and emotions. Which are evoked by a place or moment in time.”