Richard Thorn, the painter of the Devon Landscape

Richard Thorn has become the artist of choice when it comes to depicting the Devon Landscape. His paintings in watercolours have become largely collected not just in Britain, but also internationally, with his furthest exhibition taking place in China next month. Closer to home he has also exhibited in prestigious spaces that naturally have endorsed his already successful career; he is a member of the South West Academy, and has showcased his work alongside other well known names with the association and has exhibited at The Royal Institute for Watercolourists open exhibitions twice, with prospects of applying for membership in the near future.

If you have spent any amount of time in Devon, chances are you have come across some of Richard Thorn’s work.  Many local galleries stock his Limited Edition Giclee Prints, and with several different images released a year, he has become highly admired and collectable. However, his original works are more difficult to come by and rarely come to market alongside their prints. Here at the Tidal Gallery we have been exceptionally lucky to meet Richard at the right time, as whilst preparing bigger sized work for his upcoming exhibition in China he also produced smaller pieces to develop new techniques. The results are a series of all new expressive work that fits our gallery perfectly and that comes at a more affordable price tag due to size.

When seeing his paintings for the first time, you will stop and take in that almost photographic quality. Then you will step closer to admire the brushstrokes and splashes, and marvel at the fact that it becomes a different painting when looking closely: an expressive piece verging on abstract. But how can it be? And you will reassure yourself by walking further away again, to confirm that it does turn back into that beautiful vibrant scene that describes Devon in all its splendour. Both angles absolutely marvelling, captivating detail and stunning overall piece. That is what makes Richard Thorn’s work proper statement pieces, whether a miniature or a large watercolour.

The current exhibition of Richard Thorn’s work at Tidal Gallery is now on and will run until July 15th.
We recommend viewing as early as possible to enjoy the collection in full before it sells out.

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