The wave


The wave
Fused glass and driftwood

by Peter Brooks

Size:  20 cm wide

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The piece above “The wave” made with fused glass and driftwood can be posted nationwide. We can also giftwrap. Please enquire.

About Peter Brooks Glass artist

A few years ago, Peter moved to the north coast of Cornwall.  There, he found a land of mystery, myth and the haunting cry of seabirds. A revelation which had a profound effect on his work as a glass designer and artist. His inspiration comes from walking under an ever changing Cornish sky, on a beach or through differing landscapes. He seeks the variety of light, colours and moods of weather that reflect the harmony and contrasts of nature. ‘Four seasons in one day‘ is certainly true here on the north Atlantic coast. But to translate that connection with the landscape, he also forages along the shoreline searching for pieces of aged driftwood, old and rusty metals or any other suitable tactile ‘finds’ to add to his work. Scavenging is now his second nature!

Peter always aims to make his glasswork exciting by using these harmonies, contrasts and colours. Which all help inspire an organic rhythm to his work. Above all, balance and proportion are vital for the integrity of any artistic work featuring the “symbiosis of nature”. And that is want each of his pieces represent. His process is evocative, as he works from home in his specially dedicated studio surrounded by his beloved Cornwall. He designed this space as a tranquil place where he can always feel at peace with the world and immerse himself in the process of creativity.

The tidal Gallery

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