Squirrel Decoration


Squirrel Decoration

By Sally Mills

Handmade Ceramic with fused glass

size: 90 x 77 mm

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The piece above “Squirrel Decoration by Sally Mills” can be posted nationwide. We can also giftwrap. Please enquire.

About Sally Mills ceramicist

Sally Mills combines clay and glass to produce unique, handmade art reminiscent of the sea. Firstly, her passion lays with photography. She travels coastal areas from around world feeding her creativity. The memories from these trips also inform and inspire her ceramic work. Of course, she is inspired by the detailed textures of stone and rocks when they encounter water. And specifically, she works with the contrasts that these two elements create. She combines the textured clay and the fluidity, iridescence and depth of colour of the molten glass.

Furthermore, Sally’s work connects with evocative memories. Thus, allowing the viewer to revisit a treasured location, emotion or experience.

Finally, Sally studied Ceramics at Middlesex University. She learnt from Mo Jupp, Emmanuel Cooper and Kate Malone (the ‘Great British Throwdown’ judge). Sally was an apprentice to Kate and it was her bravery with colour and texture that was a significant influence on Sally’s creative development.

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