Dartmouth Estuary Resin Map


Kingsbridge Estuary Resin Map
by Steve Dooley

Wood carving of Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary with carved names.
Infilled with blue resin and framed in Oak.

Size: 390 x 580 mm

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The piece above “Dartmouth Estuary Resin Map” can be posted nationwide. We can also giftwrap. Please enquire.

About Steve Dooley

Steve started woodworking years ago alongside a busy career in IT and raising a family. Initially, he made utility furniture in his spare time. Eventually he took to wood-turning, which made him take the leap to produce to sell, supplying local craft shops. He got deeply involved in woodcrafts. So much so, that he started a side business to source and supply wood for craft enthusiasts. Ultimately, aiming and ensuring he had a permanent supply of quality hardwood for himself to create.

Since retirement, Steve has been much more involved in machine woodworking. Crafting to his heart content, creating tables, chairs, beds, desks and even chopping boards! But also outdoor projects such as pergolas, garden screens and even a tree house! With his background in IT, it’s not surprising that he soon started working with digital machinery. He acquired a CNC machine in order to digitally illustrate his carvings. This allows him to concentrate on the designs he wants, creating more intricate work. Naturally, working in this way became the natural synthesis of his woodworking experience and his IT skills.

Lastly, Steve has started to incorporate resin into his products, in order to complete the modern look he seeks. Often creating river-like flows in furniture and Artwork. Steve works from his well-equipped workshop in Kingsbridge, Devon. Nowadays he soucres his wood from several westcountry outlets.

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