Coral earrings


18ct Gold plated or sterling silver earrings
with a brush finish

by Lucy Behrens

size:  54 mm long

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The piece above “Coral earrings” can be posted nationwide. We can also giftwrap. Please enquire.

About Lucy Behrens Silversmith and jeweller

Lucy’s Art career started with photography and printmaking. Later it evolved into jewellery after buying a handmade piece that ignited a desire to learn silversmithing. She discovered her love of using her hands in a more physical way. And the pleasure of making tangible objects. Making jewellery filled the space for both the hand and the eye. Her collection of pieces are inspired by the beautiful scenery of Dartmoor in Devon.

Yet, her work is contemporary. And overall, Lucy believes in the beauty of simplicity and the joy of the imperfect. Balance and composition are integral to each of her pieces. As she spends the majority of her designing process removing and reducing elements. All in order to reach each pieces essence.

Whereas most of her objects are crafter in sterling silver as a base, some are finally coater in gold plating. She also occasionally uses copper as a base for designs that require it.

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