Artist biography

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Philippa's first go at ceramics took place in early education, which gave her a sense of quiet contrast to the life in a boarding school. She subsequently went to Harrow Art School to develop her chosen practise.

Nowadays she uses porcelain as a material of choice for all her work. She enjoys the flexibility of it, since it can be thrown very thinly, and yet it's a very strong durable material. She strives to make pieces that can be treasured and will last forever. But overall, she wants her work to be beautifully functional. So she creates bowls, cups, dishes, vases, candlesticks and jugs, all designed to be used.

She always makes in small collections, a dozen mugs at a time, a group of vases and three or four large bowls to match. Focusing on the processes carefully. The first process, throwing, is one of her favourites. She finds her hands now work almost automatically turning the clay. But that is only a small part of the entire process. As she then turns the pieces again once fired further and paints them ready for firing. This final process is sometimes done in three stages: first firing, followed by glazing and then the glaze firing. Summing up all the steps above, each piece is handled for a separate process, at least a dozen times.

For final proof of durability, the artist herself assures us that she has been using her cups, bowls and dishes daily and they are staying strong. She confidently confirms that everything can go in the dishwasher. What's not to like?