Penny Carter

Artist biography

Penny Carter creates glass jewellery by hand combining the most beautifully bright colours. Her work is reminiscent of sweets and rock, and so do each piece's title such as "fruit jelly" or "jelly tart".

Penny trades under the name of Chilli Glass. A brand for her glass bead making work that describes the hot melting processes to the hot flavour of the Chilli berry. The work involves working glass rods hot directly in the flame building up layers of transparent jelly colours over opaque pithy colours, each component made individually following this process that reaches temperatures between 700-800oc

Penny used to prefer to use the Italian Effetre rods, with the molten glass being manipulated on a mandrel (a metal rod) and by overlaying colours, applying peppery dots, jelly spikes and rings of opaque or transparent flavours.