Artist biography

Nottingham based ceramicist Leanne Ball, creating under the name of Rolling Roses, produces exquisite collections of ceramic creations. All her pieces are handbuilt in her converted outhouse studio. Enjoying the individuality of the hand building process, she allows a piece to take its form based on the movement of the clay and the pattern in the lace. She produces collections of tealight holders, tea ware, vases, bowls and dishes, and a small range of geometric inspired jewellery complimenting the pastel tones. All her pieces are bisque fired then glazed simply in a soft pastel colour palette to enhance the pattern and purity of the porcelain. A third firing adds gold lustre to many pieces.

During her degree in Contemporary Decorative Crafts she fell in love with ceramics and has continued making ever since. Drawn to the purity of porcelain she combines this delicate medium with the intricate and beautiful patterns of lace to produce a feminine collection of decorative and functional ceramics with a textile like surface. The clay is rolled into thin sheets to allow the delicacy of the lace print and the natural translucency of the porcelain to shine through. Her inspiration comes from a passion for textiles and a love of curiosities and collections, particularly groups of found or precious objects.