Guest artists - CERAMICS

Artists biographIES

Chris is a potter who makes stoneware and delicate porcelain pieces for the home as well as Goldsworthy inspired garden sculptures in stoneware and terracotta. In 2012, he moved his pottery business from Dorset to Kellaton, a rural hamlet in deepest South Devon. His work has been exhibited in both Dorset and locally in South Devon.

Originally from Belgium, Veronique moved to the UK in the 90s. Setting up originally in London and afterwards moving to Devon, clay has always been in Veronique's heart. Initially, pottery was a welcome escape from motherhood. Taken by surprise by her love for the material and the passion for creating beautiful things, she decided to turn her obsession into a living. The result is beautiful bespoke pottery, both practicak and unique.

Local artist and ceramicist Jane Gabbatiss is inspired by all things natural. Jane studied at Hornsey College of Art and taught in north London before focusing on producing ceramic pieces for galleries in London and Scotland. Most recently Jane has worked with the Sanctuary Pottery, a mental health charity, where the aim is to work creatively and positively with residents suffering with mental illness or in recovery. She still continues to create for galleries and exhibitions and now exhibits all across the South Hams.