ArtistS biograpHIES

Ama Menec is a British wildlife sculptor working in bronze. Her work is stylistically inspired by etchings, woodblock prints, early 20th century illustration and Art Deco stone carving; as well as being Influenced as a teenager by the Natural History, Archaeology and Anthropology museums of Cambridge where she grew up. As an artist and naturalist Ama is deeply concerned about the ongoing war on the wild in the UK and her animal sculptures focus primarily on threatened British species such as the badger and the massively hunted fox. She has also created pieces that celebrate the re-introduction of species such as the Red Kites. All in order to express not just the beauty of each species, but also to demonstrate something unique about that animal which sets it apart from other species. This can lead to some unusual poses, often drawing the eye to things rarely seen or never noticed.

Ani Buckland is a Sculptor and Artist based in Ashburton at the edge of Dartmoor National Park, in Devon. Her sculpture is predominately figurative, initially carved in clay and wax and then cast in metal. Ani has been practising sculpture for over a decade with great success, although her professional Art career has spun almost 3 decades, since Ani practised Art psychotherapy full time between 1984 and 2005. But ever since studying ceramics at University in California, she knew she would always return to clay. Ani's work is held in private collections in UK, USA, Iceland and Europe.