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Cresta Browning makes fine handmade sterling silver jewellery individually set against ceramic elements. She trained in 3D design at the University of Plymouth and currently works from her home studio in Exeter.

Inspiration comes from organic and found objects. 

Working with clay is an essential part of each collection. So, she firstly creates organic ceramic shapes, and then develops surface texture while working the form. Then, she stains the clay to introduce her signature pop of colour. Finally, she high fires to 1220 degrees in an electric kiln. The next step is to develop and attach the silver elements. Using 925 silver, Cresta enjoys experimenting with surface design during the silversmithing process. Ultimately creating beautiful contrasted pieces that amalgamate the textured clay and shiny silver surfaces.

Her intention is to carry the mark making process from one craftsmen’s material into another to create a cohesive and individual collection of affordable jewellery.