Claire Lowe

Artist biography

Claire set up her contemporary jewellery business in 2005 after graduating from London Metropolitan University. Her studies specialised in silversmithing, jewellery and allied crafts. After years of trading, she participated in many shows and exhibitions all over the country. One of her most notorious is the annual Contemporary Craft Festival. To add to her accolades, her jewellery has been stocked by prestigious Art giants such as the Tate Modern in London.

The mustard collection is Claire's most recent body of work. It focuses on the use of three colours to create a selective palette within a range of pieces. The design process has allowed Claire to experiment with colours and shapes to create her most unusual selection yet.
This staple in the artist catalogue has become a favourite among her followers.

Innovation is a big part of her vocabulary. Being able to play with new ideas and designs is key. The maker's continued interest in material exploration and processes aids her work progress. The result is an engaging and ever changing range of new collections.