ARTIST INTERVIEW – Bridget Arnold Artist interview – Bridget has years of experience under her belt as a sun printing artist. Sun printing, also known as Cyanotype, is a form of primitive photography. With this process each piece is an original distinct one-off print. Each created in two stages. First, coating a surface of paper or fabric using two chemicals mixed together … Read More


ARTIST INTERVIEW – LOUELLA MOORE Artist interview – Louella Moore is a jeweller based in Tavistock. She is inspired by the ruggedness of the moors and the beautiful coastline Devon. She translates this into bold and textured pieces. Made in silver or gold. Often featuring raw precious stones. At Tidal Gallery we stock an extensive collection of jewell studs, coastal … Read More


Richard Thorm Bluebell Wood

ARTIST INTERVIEW – RICHARD THORN Richard Thorn is a watercolour artist based in Chudleigh. Situated at the bottom of Dartmoor and by the river Teign. He is known for his incredibly vibrant landscapes of the Devon countryside. Including both moor and sea and everything in between. At Tidal Gallery he exhibits an extensive collection of original works for sale. But … Read More


Spotlight interview - Anna Ventura artist.

ARTIST INTERVIEW – ANNA VENTURA Anna Ventura is an artist based in Kingsbridge. Known for her incredibly detailed images in ink. As well as ink and charcoal sketches of local fauna. She set up Tidal Gallery in 2018, where she works and also exhibits her work. She took a step back in 2020 to welcome her daughter into the world. … Read More

Richard Thorn, painting Devon Landscapes

Richard Thorn, painting Devon Landscapes

Richard Thorn, painting Devon Landscapes: Richard Thorn has become the artist of choice when it comes to depicting the Devon Landscape. His paintings in watercolours have become largely collected. Not just in Britain, but also internationally. With his furthest exhibition taking place in China next month. Closer to home he has also exhibited in prestigious spaces. And they have naturally endorsed … Read More