Ani Buckland

Artist biography

Ani Buckland is a Sculptor and Artist based in Ashburton at the edge of Dartmoor National Park, in Devon. Her sculpture is predominately figurative, initially carved in clay and wax and then cast in metal. Ani has been practising sculpture for over a decade with great success, although her professional Art career has spun almost 3 decades, since Ani practised Art psychotherapy full time between 1984 and 2005 in NHS children's mental health services. But ever since studying ceramics at University in California, she knew she would always return to clay.

Working in the round, with clay, wax or plaster and scrim, Ani finds that sculpture is infinitely complex and challenging, but she loves the sensuous, soothing nature of the media. Each piece diverse qualities demand different responses, skills and techniques. For Ani, the beauty of human forms and natural life forms are deeply engaging, inspiring, and offer limitless and gratifying means for self expression, communication and celebration.

Throughout her career as a sculptor, Ani has undertaken, and still undertakes, commission work, mostly developing figure sculpture for home or garden, 1/4 to life size size.  Ani's work is held in private collections in UK, USA, Iceland and Europe.


    While Ani had been captivated with life and portrait drawing alongside a BA (1980) in ceramics and psychology, in 2005 she began intensive study of clay figure sculpture with Lucianne Lassalle 2005-2010, followed by Rebecca Doe from Art Academy, London 2010-present.

    She has also studied portrait master classes with International portrait artist Luke Shepherd and workshops with Clare Trenchard. She continues to develop through engaging in several streams of practice and study in solitude and with others: keeping a drawing journal, life classes, intensive master classes, visiting exhibitions  and public art, exploring art history and cultures through reading, film and travel. 

    Professional affiliations:

    • SOUTH HAMS ARTS FORUM 2015-present
    • DEVON ARTISTS NETWORK 2013-present