Eleanor King



Artist biography

Eleanor studied Foundation Art at Harrow Art School. She then went on to train as a graphic designer and worked in a large commercial art studio in Soho, London. This was followed by free-lance self-employment still in the creative industry. With a foundation of sound drawing skills always underpinning her work, Eleanor kept incorporating illustrative elements into her designs. This artistic flare is what ultimately enticed her to become an artist.

However, first, she paused her design career to raise her family. And finally, after a period of absence she decided to study for another career: Art. So Eleanor fully entered to the world of Art in 2015 after a painting holiday in Scotland inspired her to explore the technical challenges posed by watercolours.

Since she moved to Devon her practice evolved and naturally started reflecting the local environment. She paints seascapes, particularly estuary scenes at dawn or dusk. As well as the sea, she depicts the contrasted blurred panoramic horizons of Dartmoor. All of her pieces feature big skies conveying emotion in dramatic relief.